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Campins Machado, FGarcia Vicente, N79th Spanish Championship1-0
Ruperez Benito, ASanchez Saez, F79th Spanish Championship1/2
Fernandez Garcia, JRedondo Benavente, A79th Spanish Championship1-0
Lechuga Cabrero, LLarino Nieto, D79th Spanish Championship0-1
Torres Ventosa, PBarrenechea Bahamonde, G79th Spanish Championship1/2
Collado Barbas, LSanchez Aller, F79th Spanish Championship0-1
Gil Quilez, SAndres Gonzalez, I79th Spanish Championship0-1
Sos Andreu, ESanchez Dengra, J79th Spanish Championship0-1
Navarro Lopez-Menchero, DAlvarez Fernandez, E79th Spanish Championship1-0
Espineira Gonzalez, DTierraseca Montero, P79th Spanish Championship1/2
Perez De Aranda A., LEspinosa Aranda, A79th Spanish Championship0-1
Matnadze, ARodriguez Garcia, M79th Spanish Championship1-0
Vega Gutierrez, BPallardo Lozoya, J79th Spanish Championship0-1
Teran Alvarez, ISaenz Narciso, M79th Spanish Championship1-0
Castilla Leon Salas, CVega Gutierrez, S79th Spanish Championship0-1
Suarez Garcia, CMora Menezo, J79th Spanish Championship1-0
Lopez Mulet, IAlexandrova, O79th Spanish Championship0-1
Antoli Royo, JMartinez Lopez, D79th Spanish Championship1-0
Gonzalez De La Torre, SSilva Rodriguez, J79th Spanish Championship1/2
Silva Rodriguez, FRubio Mejia, L79th Spanish Championship1/2
Santos Latasa, JSanchez Jerez, E79th Spanish Championship1-0
Navarrete Espi, SArribas Lopez, A79th Spanish Championship0-1
Ibarra Jerez, JSanchez Barbado, C79th Spanish Championship1-0
Hernandez Estevez, YDel Rio De Angelis, S79th Spanish Championship0-1
Arizmendi Martinez, JShen, Y79th Spanish Championship1/2
Trigo Urquijo, SLopez Martinez, J79th Spanish Championship1/2
Perez Candelario, MEscudero Manzano, A79th Spanish Championship1-0
Nicolas Zapata, IKorneev, O79th Spanish Championship0-1
Vazquez Igarza, RGavilan Diaz, M79th Spanish Championship1-0
Suarez Uriel, ASalgado Lopez, I79th Spanish Championship1/2
Anton Guijarro, DSantos Ruiz, M79th Spanish Championship1/2
Aranaz Murillo, AVallejo Pons, F79th Spanish Championship0-1
Lerma Moreno, JAranaz Murillo, A79th Spanish Championship0-1
Sanchez Saez, FCampins Machado, F79th Spanish Championship1/2
Sanchez Dengra, BTorres Ventosa, P79th Spanish Championship0-1
Sanchez Aller, FJuan Delgado, A79th Spanish Championship1-0
Boutahar Belgasi, TFernandez Garcia, J79th Spanish Championship1/2
Andres Gonzalez, IFernandez Lago, D79th Spanish Championship1-0
Roman Lopez, JSos Andreu, E79th Spanish Championship0-1
Alvarez Fernandez, EPablos Tenrero, R79th Spanish Championship1-0
Morales De La Rosa, EEspineira Gonzalez, D79th Spanish Championship0-1
Espinosa Aranda, ADomingo Nunez, R79th Spanish Championship1-0
Riera Morilla, EMatnadze, A79th Spanish Championship0-1
Pallardo Lozoya, JLucena Moreno, R79th Spanish Championship1-0
Prado Acebo, ITeran Alvarez, I79th Spanish Championship0-1
Vega Gutierrez, SMercado Larrea, A79th Spanish Championship1-0
Bazan Solera, MSuarez Garcia, C79th Spanish Championship0-1
Alexandrova, OCarruana Fuentes, R79th Spanish Championship1-0
Iraneta Unzue, IAntoli Royo, J79th Spanish Championship0-1
Larino Nieto, DRuperez Benito, A79th Spanish Championship1/2
Domingo Nunez, AGonzalez De La Torre, S79th Spanish Championship0-1
Rubio Mejia, LRedondo Benavente, J79th Spanish Championship1-0
Meco Benitez, JSantos Latasa, J79th Spanish Championship0-1
Arribas Lopez, ALeon Acosta, M79th Spanish Championship1-0
Fernandez-Martos Machado, EIbarra Jerez, J79th Spanish Championship0-1
Del Rio De Angelis, SPozanco Romasanta, M79th Spanish Championship1-0
Ruiz Font, EArizmendi Martinez, J79th Spanish Championship0-1
Lopez Martinez, JArroyo Rodriguez, J79th Spanish Championship1-0
Sacristan Latorre, APerez Candelario, M79th Spanish Championship0-1
Korneev, OPlazuelo Pascual, J79th Spanish Championship1-0
Suarez Triguero, JVazquez Igarza, R79th Spanish Championship0-1
Salgado Lopez, ICamacho Calle, P79th Spanish Championship1-0
Fernandez Lozano, FAnton Guijarro, D79th Spanish Championship0-1
Vallejo Pons, FPerera Borrego, M79th Spanish Championship1-0
Gonzalez Valero, JNarciso Dublan, M16th Sants Open0-1
Sowray, PGranda Zuniga, J16th Sants Open1-0
Mascaro March, PComas Fabrego, L16th Sants Open1/2
Bromberger, SValdes Romero, L16th Sants Open1/2
Libiszewski, FVan der Lende, I16th Sants Open1-0
Oliva Castaneda, KAroshidze, L16th Sants Open1/2
Sinquefield CupUSASaint Louis08/27/201409/07/2014
PGN6th FIDE Women Grand PrixUAESharjah08/25/201409/06/2014
PGN79th Spanish ChampionshipESPLinares08/25/201409/02/2014
PGN16th Sants OpenESPBarcelona08/22/201408/31/2014
PGN21st Abu Dhabi MastersUAEAbu Dhabi08/20/201408/28/2014
PGNFrench Championship 2014FRANimes08/17/201408/28/2014
PGN4th Isthmia OpenGREVrachati08/18/201408/25/2014
PGN13th World University ChampionshipPOLKatowice08/18/201408/24/2014
PGN4th Riga Technical University OpenLATRiga08/16/201408/24/2014
PGN3rd Washington InternationalUSARockville08/09/201408/14/2014
PGN41st World Olympiad - OpenNORTromso08/02/201408/14/2014
PGN41st World Olympiad - WomenNORTromso08/02/201408/14/2014
PGNHZ Open 2014NEDVlissingen08/02/201408/09/2014
PGNLake Sevan 2014ARMMartuni07/27/201408/04/2014
PGN101st British ChampionshipWLSAberystwyth07/19/201407/30/2014
PGN5th Iberoamerican ChampionshipESPLinares07/22/201407/30/2014
PGNPolitiken CupDENHelsingor07/21/201407/29/2014
PGNPrimorsky DebutRUSVladivostok07/21/201407/29/2014
PGN7th Paleochora OpenGREPaleochora07/21/201407/28/2014
PGN32nd Andorra OpenANDErts - La Massana07/19/201407/27/2014
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