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Short, NHjartarson, JShort vs Hjartarson Rapid Match1-0
Hjartarson, JShort, NShort vs Hjartarson Rapid Match1-0
Short, NHjartarson, JShort vs Hjartarson Rapid Match1-0
Hjartarson, JShort, NShort vs Hjartarson Rapid Match0-1
Short, NHjartarson, JShort vs Hjartarson Rapid Match0-1
Hjartarson, JShort, NShort vs Hjartarson Rapid Match1/2
Short, NHjartarson, JShort vs Hjartarson Rapid Match1/2
Stefansson, HPetrov, N17th European Individual Championship1/2
Brkic, AFirat, B17th European Individual Championship1/2
Aleksandrov, ADruska, J17th European Individual Championship1/2
Draskovic, LProhaszka, P17th European Individual Championship1/2
Nakar, ESaric, A17th European Individual Championship1/2
Kunin, VGasanov, E17th European Individual Championship1-0
Parligras, MGodena, M17th European Individual Championship1/2
Blomqvist, EOleksiyenko, M17th European Individual Championship0-1
Beliavsky, AAndersen, M17th European Individual Championship1-0
Georgiev, KValsecchi, A17th European Individual Championship1-0
Postny, EBoruchovsky, A17th European Individual Championship1/2
Areshchenko, ASvane, R17th European Individual Championship1-0
Antal, GLaznicka, V17th European Individual Championship1/2
Haznedaroglu, KGabuzyan, H17th European Individual Championship0-1
Petrosyan, MBerkes, F17th European Individual Championship1/2
Mastrovasilis, ARomanov, E17th European Individual Championship0-1
Kravtsiv, MBirnboim, N17th European Individual Championship1-0
Kovalev, VVolokitin, A17th European Individual Championship1-0
Melkumyan, HSanal, V17th European Individual Championship1-0
Esen, BKobalia, M17th European Individual Championship1/2
Yilmaz, MIpatov, A17th European Individual Championship1/2
Grandelius, NStocek, J17th European Individual Championship1-0
Khismatullin, DSaric, I17th European Individual Championship0-1
Bartel, MOparin, G17th European Individual Championship0-1
Nabaty, TSwiercz, D17th European Individual Championship0-1
Jones, GHracek, Z17th European Individual Championship1/2
Moiseenko, ACan, E17th European Individual Championship1/2
Korobov, ABok, B17th European Individual Championship1/2
Matlakov, MAntipov, M17th European Individual Championship1/2
Zhigalko, SPantsulaia, L17th European Individual Championship1-0
Codenotti, MDuda, J17th European Individual Championship1/2
Demchenko, AHowell, D17th European Individual Championship1-0
Steingrimsson, HNajer, E17th European Individual Championship0-1
Cheparinov, ISanikidze, T17th European Individual Championship1-0
Sargissian, GZubov, A17th European Individual Championship1/2
Andriasian, ZKryvoruchko, Y17th European Individual Championship1/2
Fressinet, LKozul, Z17th European Individual Championship1-0
Salgado Lopez, IRagger, M17th European Individual Championship1-0
Lupulescu, CPonomariov, R17th European Individual Championship1-0
Vitiugov, NOnischuk, V17th European Individual Championship1-0
Anton Guijarro, DStupak, K17th European Individual Championship1/2
Tari, AHovhannisyan, R17th European Individual Championship1/2
Bortnyk, ODubov, D17th European Individual Championship1/2
Palac, MDreev, A17th European Individual Championship1/2
Ter-Sahakyan, SNisipeanu, L17th European Individual Championship1/2
Vallejo Pons, FDonchenko, A17th European Individual Championship1-0
Navara, DPashikian, A17th European Individual Championship1-0
Jobava, BWojtaszek, R17th European Individual Championship1-0
Goganov, AKovalenko, I17th European Individual Championship0-1
Piorun, KInarkiev, E17th European Individual Championship1/2
Gretarsson, HShort, NShort vs Gretarsson Rapid Match0-1
Short, NGretarsson, HShort vs Gretarsson Rapid Match1-0
Gretarsson, HShort, NShort vs Gretarsson Rapid Match0-1
Gasanov, EParligras, M17th European Individual Championship1/2
Bok, BMoroni, L17th European Individual Championship1-0
Gabuzyan, HStuder, N17th European Individual Championship1-0
Oleksiyenko, MDraskovic, L17th European Individual Championship1/2
Druska, JGeorgiev, K17th European Individual Championship1/2
Volokitin, AKjartansson, G17th European Individual Championship1-0
Neverov, VJones, G17th European Individual Championship0-1
Andersen, MPostny, E17th European Individual Championship1/2
Ali Marandi, CMoiseenko, A17th European Individual Championship0-1
Godena, MAreshchenko, A17th European Individual Championship1/2
PGNShort vs Hjartarson Rapid MatchDENNuuk05/24/201605/24/2016
PGN17th European Individual ChampionshipKOSGjakova05/12/201605/23/2016
PGNShort vs Gretarsson Rapid MatchISLKopavogur05/21/201605/22/2016
PGNNakhchivan Open 2016AZENakhchivan05/10/201605/18/2016
PGN10th Limburg OpenNEDMaastricht05/13/201605/16/2016
PGN5th Llucmajor OpenESPLlucmajor05/08/201605/15/2016
PGN23rd Russian Team ChampionshipRUSSochi05/01/201605/10/2016
PGN10th Wunsiedel FestivalGERWunsiedel05/05/201605/08/2016
PGNDing Liren vs So MatchCHNShangai05/04/201605/08/2016
PGNHasselbacken Chess OpenSWEStockholm04/30/201605/08/2016
PGN3rd FIDE Women Grand PrixGEOBatumi04/20/201605/02/2016
PGNNona Gaprindashvili CupGEOTbilisi04/22/201604/30/2016
PGNNorway Chess 2016NORStavanger04/19/201604/29/2016
PGNUltimate Blitz ChallengeUSASaint Louis04/28/201604/29/2016
PGNChinese Championship 2016CHNXinghua04/17/201604/28/2016
PGN10th Agzamov MemorialUZBTashkent04/18/201604/26/2016
PGNU.S. Championship 2016USASaint Louis04/14/201604/25/2016
PGNBundesliga 2015-16GER.09/18/201504/24/2016
PGN18th Dubai OpenUAEDubai04/11/201604/19/2016
PGNNorway Chess BlitzNORStavanger04/18/201604/18/2016
PGN16th Bangkok Chess Club OpenTHABangkok04/10/201604/17/2016
PGNKarpos OpenMKDSkopje04/01/201604/07/2016
PGNPolish Championship 2016POLPoznan03/30/201604/07/2016
PGNAsian Nations Cup 2016UAEAbu Dhabi03/28/201604/05/2016
PGNFIDE Candidates TournamentRUSMoscow03/11/201603/28/2016
PGNGrenke Chess OpenGERKarlsruhe03/24/201603/28/2016
PGN43rd La Roda OpenESPLa Roda03/23/201603/27/2016
PGNFagernes Chess InternationalNORFagernes03/20/201603/27/2016
PGNNorway Chess QualifierNORFagernes03/23/201603/26/2016
PGN71st Azerbaijani ChampionshipAZEBaku03/15/201603/23/2016
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3rd Vugar Gashimov MemorialAZEShamkir05/26/201606/04/2016
Asian Continental OpenUZBTashkent05/26/201606/03/2016
Asian Continental WomenUZBTashkent05/26/201606/03/2016
17th European Individual Women's ChampionshipROUMamaia05/27/201606/07/2016
11th American Continental ChampionshipESASan Salvador05/28/201606/05/2016
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