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Bagheri, MRahmani, A6th Ferdowsi Open1-0
Gholami Orimi, MPolyakov, M6th Ferdowsi Open1/2
Mirzoev, ARahimian, R6th Ferdowsi Open1-0
Ghaem Maghami, EVassalam, M6th Ferdowsi Open1-0
Tiviakov, SGodarz, K6th Ferdowsi Open1-0
Mousavi, SZubarev, A6th Ferdowsi Open1/2
Bocharov, DDarini, P6th Ferdowsi Open1/2
Rasulov, VGabuzyan, H6th Ferdowsi Open0-1
Mosadeghpour, MGrigoryan, K6th Ferdowsi Open0-1
Maletin, PKhodashenas, M6th Ferdowsi Open1-0
Chigaev, MGagunashvili, M6th Ferdowsi Open1/2
Oliyazade, PMousavi, S6th Ferdowsi Open0-1
Polyakov, MKazemiyan Eski, A6th Ferdowsi Open1/2
Darini, PBahmani, A6th Ferdowsi Open1-0
Mosadeghpour, MGhaffarifar, M6th Ferdowsi Open1-0
Gabuzyan, HAbedi, A6th Ferdowsi Open1-0
Grigoryan, KAmini, A6th Ferdowsi Open1-0
Gagunashvili, MBagheri, M6th Ferdowsi Open1-0
Grabliauskas, VGhaem Maghami, E6th Ferdowsi Open1-0
Khodashenas, MTiviakov, S6th Ferdowsi Open1-0
Guseinov, GRasulov, V6th Ferdowsi Open1/2
Bocharov, DMaletin, P6th Ferdowsi Open1/2
Zubarev, AChigaev, M6th Ferdowsi Open0-1
Bagheri, MVassalam, M6th Ferdowsi Open1-0
Bakhtiari Kish, MGrabliauskas, V6th Ferdowsi Open0-1
Karimi, YKhodashenas, M6th Ferdowsi Open0-1
Abedi, APolyakov, M6th Ferdowsi Open1/2
Rasulov, VGodarz, K6th Ferdowsi Open1-0
Gholami Orimi, MGagunashvili, M6th Ferdowsi Open0-1
Tiviakov, SRahimian, R6th Ferdowsi Open1-0
Molaei, MGuseinov, G6th Ferdowsi Open0-1
Chigaev, MDarini, P6th Ferdowsi Open1-0
Maletin, PZubarev, A6th Ferdowsi Open1/2
Hejrati, MBagheri, M6th Ferdowsi Open0-1
Grabliauskas, VHaratinejad, E6th Ferdowsi Open1-0
Khodashenas, MAbedi, P6th Ferdowsi Open1-0
Mosadeghpour, MAnsar Jaafari, A6th Ferdowsi Open1-0
Vassalam, MMirzoev, A6th Ferdowsi Open1-0
Polyakov, MGabuzyan, H6th Ferdowsi Open1/2
Gagunashvili, MRasulov, V6th Ferdowsi Open1/2
Bocharov, DMousavi, S6th Ferdowsi Open1-0
Grigoryan, KChigaev, M6th Ferdowsi Open0-1
Darini, PGhaem Maghami, E6th Ferdowsi Open1/2
Guseinov, GMaletin, P6th Ferdowsi Open0-1
Kazemiyan Eski, AAbedi, A6th Ferdowsi Open1/2
Ghaffarifar, MPolyakov, M6th Ferdowsi Open0-1
Mousavi Jad, SChigaev, M6th Ferdowsi Open0-1
Bagheri, MBocharov, D6th Ferdowsi Open0-1
Mousavi, SGagunashvili, M6th Ferdowsi Open1/2
Zubarev, AIsmael, N6th Ferdowsi Open1-0
Maletin, PGrabliauskas, V6th Ferdowsi Open1-0
Darini, PGabuzyan, H6th Ferdowsi Open1-0
Ghaem Maghami, EKhodashenas, M6th Ferdowsi Open1-0
Rasulov, VGrigoryan, K6th Ferdowsi Open1/2
Tiviakov, SMosadeghpour, M6th Ferdowsi Open1-0
Mirzoev, AGuseinov, G6th Ferdowsi Open0-1
Oliyazade, PRasulov, V6th Ferdowsi Open0-1
Chigaev, MGhaffarifar, M6th Ferdowsi Open1/2
Bakhtiari Kish, MMirzoev, A6th Ferdowsi Open0-1
Gagunashvili, MAnsar Jaafari, A6th Ferdowsi Open1-0
Amini, AZubarev, A6th Ferdowsi Open0-1
Bocharov, DKazemiyan Eski, A6th Ferdowsi Open1/2
Godarz, KMaletin, P6th Ferdowsi Open0-1
Gabuzyan, HVojdani, S6th Ferdowsi Open1-0
Rahimian, RGhaem Maghami, E6th Ferdowsi Open0-1
Grigoryan, KGholami Orimi, M6th Ferdowsi Open1-0
Molaei, MTiviakov, S6th Ferdowsi Open0-1
Guseinov, GFendereski, N6th Ferdowsi Open1-0
Rasulov, VTorshizi Ghorbani, M6th Ferdowsi Open1-0
Esmaeili, SChigaev, M6th Ferdowsi Open0-1
PGNBundesliga 2015-16GER.09/18/201504/24/2016
PGNMoscow Open 2016RUSMoscow01/30/201602/07/2016
PGN6th Ferdowsi OpenIRIMashhad01/29/201602/05/2016
PGNTradewise Gibraltar 2016 - MastersENGGibraltar01/26/201602/04/2016
PGN78 Tata Steel ChallengersNEDWijk aan Zee01/16/201601/31/2016
PGN78 Tata Steel MastersNEDWijk aan Zee01/16/201601/31/2016
PGNLviv January IMUKRLviv01/25/201601/31/2016
PGNCroatian ChampionshipCROPorec01/19/201601/29/2016
PGN8th Chennai OpenINDChennai01/18/201601/25/2016
PGN76th Armenian ChampionshipARMYerevan01/12/201601/23/2016
PGN2nd Floripa OpenBRAFlorianopolis01/16/201601/22/2016
PGN82nd Brazilian ChampionshipBRARio de Janeiro01/09/201601/17/2016
PGN14th Delhi OpenINDNew Delhi01/09/201601/16/2016
PGNAustralian ChampionshipAUSMelbourne01/02/201601/12/2016
PGN123rd New Zealand OpenNZLDevonport01/02/201601/10/2016
PGN2nd Zicosur TournamentCHIAntofagasta01/05/201601/10/2016
PGN91st Hastings MastersENGHastings12/28/201501/05/2016
PGNRilton Cup 2015/2016SWEStockholm12/27/201501/05/2016
PGN25th North American OpenUSALas Vegas12/26/201512/30/2015
PGN39th Zurich Christmas OpenSUIZurich12/26/201512/30/2015
PGN4th Al Ain ClassicUAEAl Ain12/23/201512/30/2015
PGN4th Lorca OpenESPLorca12/26/201512/30/2015
PGNMemorial Ramon Escudeiro TilveESPPontevedra12/26/201512/30/2015
PGNQatar Masters Open 2015QATDoha12/20/201512/29/2015
PGN12th Vandoeuvre OpenFRAVandoeuvre12/19/201512/23/2015
PGNNutcracker Match of the GenerationsRUSMoscow12/20/201512/23/2015
PGN27th Carlos Torre MemorialMEXMerida12/17/201512/21/2015
PGN18th Padova OpenITAPadova12/13/201512/20/2015
PGN2nd Sunway Sitges OpenESPSitges12/13/201512/20/2015
PGNAustralasian Masters GM NormAUSMelbourne12/12/201512/20/2015
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2nd FIDE Women Grand PrixIRITehran02/11/201602/23/2016
Zurich Chess Challenge 2016SUIZurich02/13/201602/15/2016
FIDE Candidates TournamentRUSMoscow03/11/201603/29/2016
Hasselbacken Chess OpenSWEStockholm04/30/201605/08/2016
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